Country brief: Romania (RO)
EU member? Yes
OECD member? No
Regulatory authority:ANCOM (link)
Number of operators:4
Mobile data penetration: 71.4%
Spectrum assigned: 493.8 MHz
700 MHz band assigned?
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Data volume 2016: 211,745 TB
Data volume per pop 2016: 0.9 GB/month/capita (top: Finland, 16.1)
Spectrum usage 2016: 22 MB/year/MHz/pop (top: Finland, 360)
GB for 30
GB for 30
Total low and high frequency spectrum MHz
Data volume 2016 TB
MB/year/MHz per pop 2016
OrangeOrange-RO10,077,00012.00 30.00 149.6
VodafoneVodafone-RO8,763,0006.00 32.00 144.672,48125.4
DeutscheTelekomT-Mobile-RO5,722,0005.50 20.00 129.6
RCS-RDSRCS-RDS-RO2,400,00030.00 20.00 70.0
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Source: Digital Fuel Monitor-PRO Spreadsheet, 1H2017. The spreadsheet includes 1,690 4G LTE smartphone (with at least 1,000 minutes) and data-only tariffs of 137 operators and 65 MVNOs. Tariffs may have tethering or mobility restrictions. The Digital Fuel Monitor-PRO Spreadsheet allows the analysis of any gigabyte or price baskets. It includes median fully allocated and weighted average incremental gigabyte prices per country and per operator.
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