Collateral damage to infrastructure based competition and investments caused by Almunia’s refusal to enforce EU antitrust law and block harmful mobile mergers (in Austria, Ireland, ... Germany?)
On TelecomTV: Ireland's mobile merger conditions inadequate and illegal say critics

A flash research note reacting on European Commission's decision granting conditional approval for the Hutchison-Telefonica merger in Ireland.

June 2014
  • The problem as perceived by the telcos
  • The telcos proposed remedy
  • The policy challenge from in-market consolidation
  • The EU competition (merger) law hurdle
  • Almunia’s problem
  • Almunia’s woolly compromise
  • Almunia’s Irish deal could be worse than nothing! It sounds like Google doesn’t it?
  • One step closer to on ex-ante wholesale access regulatory intervention in the mobile industry
  • So are consumers, infrastructure based competition, investments and open mobile internet access harmed?
  • So what will Almunia do in Germany?
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  • 2014
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