Neelie Kroes's Specialized Services are a giant Net Neutrality loophole
October 2014
Telco ‘access’ Specialized Services are no different from Google’s anticompetitive ‘search’ Specialized Services

In this premium research we present our research findings and summarize our policy recommendations for:

a) European Union’s proposed inadequate Net Neutrality provisions currently under negotiation
b) the wide spread zero-rating price discriminations that violate Net Neutrality and are potentially anticompetitive
c) the ‘special nature’ of Specialized Services which if left unchecked will introduce a giant Net Neutrality loophole

Net Neutrality layers:

Internet based services offered by ISPs: subject to Net Neutrality non-discrimination rules
-VP Kroes: Zero-rating data-hungry services like video is potentially anticompetitive
-DFMonitor research finding: 75 potentially anticompetitive zero-rated internet services launched in EU28
-DFMonitor research finding: Zero-rating is hard discrimination (universal throttling) that violates Net Neutrality

Non-internet Specialized Services offered by ISPs: NOT subject to Net Neutrality rules
-DFMonitor research finding: In two European markets Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom are trying to bypass Net Neutrality non-discrimination rules by mislabelling ‘internet-like’ services as Specialized Services
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