The consolidated Austrian mobile market in Q3 2014
September 2014
- The price of mobile internet in Austria, following the 2013 hike, surged again in Q3 2014
- Hutchison 3 has increased prices in the post-consolidation Austrian market several times
- Telecom Austria (A1) and T-Mobile followed suit and hiked prices in several rounds
- A profound structural change is in the making in the Austrian mobile data access market
- Vice President Almunia conceded on record that the European Commission made a mistake when it approved Hutchison’s acquisition of Orange Austria in December 2012
- The Austrian competition authority, BWB, opened an investigation into the 2013 price increases and cited Vice President Almunia’s admission of the Commission’s mistake
- Hutchison’s early post-merger price hike was first reported by Rewheel in September 2013
- The Commission’s mistake (ineffective remedies) and BWB’s fierce objections against the unlawful merger approval were documented by Rewheel in November 2013

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