Canada’s media and telecom regulator bans positive price discrimination (zero-rating) of mobile TV streaming services
January 2015
On the 29th January 2015 Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has banned the practice of excluding the data usage of mobile TV streaming applications from standard monthly usage caps.

"A decision relating to the future of mobile television content"

“As Canadians turn more and more to the Internet for viewing content, it is important to make sure that these new platforms are made available to Canadians in a fair and open manner. In this regard, the CRTC issued a decision today that reinforces its commitment to an open Internet. The CRTC has directed Bell Mobility and Vidéotron to stop giving their mobile television services, Bell Mobile TV and, an unfair advantage in the marketplace, to the disadvantage of other Internet content.

These companies exempted their own mobile television services from their standard monthly data charges. Content from other websites or apps, on the other hand, counted against the customer’s data cap.”

Link to the CRTC press release » Click here
Link to the CRTC decision » Click here

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