Affordably priced 100 or unlimited gigabyte 4G LTE smartphone plans with tethering – Trouble is brewing for cable and fixed-line operators
June 2015
- 4G LTE smartphone plans with 100 or unlimited gigabyte volume are promoted by European mobile operators as the ultimate packages for connecting computers and tablets and streaming movies while at home
- Incremental (out-of-bundle) gigabytes in US fixed broadband internet (fibre) plans cost as much as incremental gigabytes in 4G LTE smartphone plans ($0.2 vs. €0.2 per gigabyte) in Europe’s competitive mobile markets
- A European incumbent fixed and mobile operator launched LTE-based IPTV set top boxes for televisions in the home
- Are cable and FTTH based broadband access monopolies/duopolies a thing of the past?
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