Hutchison has increased prices in Austria by up to 92% after the 4 to 3 merger was approved with Mickey Mouse MVNO remedies
February 2016
  • Three years after the unlawful 4 to 3 merger Hutchison Austria has not increased the gigabyte allowances of its SIM-only smartphone plans but prices have gone up by up to 92%
  • GSMA's and HSBC's so called 'unit prices' will keep falling even if consumers pay more to purchase the same amount of gigabyte allowance as long as data traffic growth outpaces revenue growth
  • Unit prices (retail price / GB volume allowance) ≠ Unit revenues (revenues / actual GB consumption)
  • Hutchison's UK pledge not to increase the price of MB the next 5 years is a bad joke like GSMA's Austrian price decline claims
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