How many 4G LTE smartphone GBs EU28 operators sell for 35 - July 2016
July 2016
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  • 26% (27 out of 102) of EU28 operators sold during July 2016, for 35 or less, 4G LTE smartphone plans that included at least 20 GB. 11% (11 out of 102) of operators sold for 35 plans with unlimited GB volume allowance.
  • The European Commission proposed wholesale data roaming cap of 8.5/GB was higher than the domestic retail price/GB charged, during July 2016, by 75 out of 102 EU28 operators.
  • In markets with less MNOs (3 vs. 4) and more so in markets where no disruptor operator is present EU's big telecom operator groups offer 8 to 20 times less GBs for 35.
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Sortable table based on the EU28 operator 4G LTE SIM-only unlimited (>1,000) minute & SMS smartphone plans.
Clicking the table header changes the sorting order.
Clicking the country and the operator group takes to the page of the respective country or operator group with detailed information on pricing, spectrum holdings and more.

CountryOperator GroupBrandGB for 35Fully alloacted price per GB ()
Slovenia (SI)T-2T-20.00n/a (4G not launched)
Malta (MT)ApaxParntersMelita0.00n/a (4G not launched)
Hungary (HU)DeutscheTelekomT-Mobile0.0035.17
Malta (MT)VodafoneVodafone0.0026.67
Greece (EL)VodafoneVodafone0.0024.68
Cyprus (CY)CYTACYTA0.0024.23
Greece (EL)WindHellasWindHellas0.0019.95
Greece (EL)DeutscheTelekomCosmote0.0019.92
Malta (MT)GoGo0.0018.00
Cyprus (CY)MTNMTN0.0017.00
Belgium (BE)OrangeOrange0.0010.94
Belgium (BE)ProximusProximus0.0010.00
Italy (IT)VodafoneVodafone0.009.75
Slovak Republic (SK)OrangeOrange0.008.00
Spain (ES)TeliaSoneraYoigo0.007.38
Bulgaria (BG)TelekomAustriaMtel0.006.65
Bulgaria (BG)BulgariaTelecomVivacom0.005.04
Bulgaria (BG)TelenorTelenor0.004.45
Bulgaria (BG)MaxMax0.002.34
Slovak Republic (SK)DeutscheTelekomT-Mobile0.5065.76
Hungary (HU)TelenorTelenor0.5063.94
Sweden (SE)Hutchison30.5054.78
Germany (DE)VodafoneVodafone1.0034.99
Portugal (PT)NosNos1.0031.99
Hungary (HU)VodafoneVodafone1.0031.97
Germany (DE)DeutscheTelekomT-Mobile1.0031.45
Czech Republic (CZ)DeutscheTelekomT-Mobile1.5018.48
Czech Republic (CZ)PPFO21.5018.48
Slovak Republic (SK)PPFO22.0016.50
Spain (ES)TelefonicaMovistar2.5013.60
Czech Republic (CZ)VodafoneVodafone2.5012.55
Portugal (PT)VodafoneVodafone3.0011.17
Spain (ES)OrangeOrange3.0010.98
Portugal (PT)AlticeMEO3.0010.33
Croatia (HR)DeutscheTelekomT-Mobile3.009.92
Cyprus (CY)PrimetelPrimetel3.009.83
Sweden (SE)TeliaSoneraTelia4.008.50
Spain (ES)VodafoneVodafone4.007.88
Germany (DE)TelefonicaO24.006.87
Romania (RO)DeutscheTelekomT-Mobile4.006.24
Ireland (IE)VodafoneVodafone5.007.00
France (FR)OrangeOrange5.006.60
Belgium (BE)LibertyglobalBase5.006.55
Netherlands (NL)KPNKPN5.006.50
Romania (RO)OrangeOrange5.006.00
Netherlands (NL)VodafoneVodafone5.006.00
Germany (DE)TelefonicaBase5.005.00
Luxemburg (LU)LuxemburgOnlineLuxemburgOnline5.004.60
Romania (RO)RCS-RDSDigiMobil5.004.13
Romania (RO)VodafoneVodafone6.005.83
Austria (AT)TelekomAustriaA16.005.82
Sweden (SE)TelenorTelenor6.005.48
Netherlands (NL)DeutscheTelekomT-Mobile6.005.08
Italy (IT)TelecomItaliaTIM6.005.00
Spain (ES)OrangeAmena7.003.56
Croatia (HR)TelekomAustriaVIP8.004.31
Italy (IT)Hutchison38.003.77
United Kingdom (UK)VodafoneVodafone8.003.22
United Kingdom (UK)BritishTelecomEE8.002.92
Austria (AT)TelekomAustriabob9.003.54
Austria (AT)TelekomAustriayesss10.003.26
Ireland (IE)EircomMeteor10.003.15
Luxemburg (LU)ProximusTango10.003.00
Italy (IT)VimpelComWindItaly10.003.00
Croatia (HR)Tele2Tele210.002.73
Denmark (DK)TDCYouSee10.002.58
France (FR)OrangeSosh10.002.50
Poland (PL)PolkomtelPlus10.001.84
Poland (PL)DeutscheTelekomT-Mobile10.001.72
Austria (AT)DeutscheTelekomT-Mobile12.002.78
Lithuania (LT)TeliaSoneraOmnitel12.001.67
Slovenia (SI)TelemachTelemach13.002.62
Austria (AT)Hutchison313.002.46
Luxemburg (LU)OrangeOrange15.002.20
Luxemburg (LU)POSTLuxemburgPost15.002.00
United Kingdom (UK)BritishTelecomBT15.001.95
Denmark (DK)TeliaSoneraTelia15.001.72
Slovenia (SI)TelekomSlovenijeTelekomSlovenije20.001.75
Sweden (SE)Tele2Tele220.001.64
Lithuania (LT)Tele2Tele220.001.42
Denmark (DK)TDCTelmore20.001.31
France (FR)AlticeSFR20.001.30
France (FR)BouyguesTelecomBouyguesTelecom20.001.25
Sweden (SE)HutchisonHallon22.001.25
Netherlands (NL)Tele2Tele224.001.46
Estonia (EE)TeliaSoneraTelia24.001.21
United Kingdom (UK)TelefonicaO225.001.17
Slovenia (SI)TelekomAustriaSi.Mobil30.001.17
Estonia (EE)ElisaElisa30.000.77
Denmark (DK)Hutchison340.000.87
Denmark (DK)TelenorTelenor40.000.81
France (FR)IliadFreeMobile50.000.40
Estonia (EE)Tele2Tele260.000.50
Poland (PL)OrangeOrangeUnlimited0.50
Ireland (IE)Hutchison3Unlimited0.49
United Kingdom (UK)Hutchison3Unlimited0.48
Finland (FI)TeliaSoneraSoneraUnlimited0.45
Finland (FI)ElisaSaunalahtiUnlimited0.45
Finland (FI)DNADNAUnlimited0.45
Lithuania (LT)BITEBITEUnlimited0.40
Latvia (LV)TeliaSoneraLMTUnlimited0.33
Poland (PL)PlayPlayUnlimited0.31
Latvia (LV)Tele2Tele2Unlimited0.30
Latvia (LV)BITEBITEUnlimited0.28

Prices registered 9 to 12 July 2016.

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