O2 nearly triples GB volume allowances (for the same price) after the Commission blocked the 4 to 3 merger in the UK
July 2016
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  • Before the blocked 4 to 3 merger Telefonica O2 sold in the UK unlimited minute & SMS SIM-only smartphone tariffs with data volume allowances of 8 and 16 gigabytes for £24 and £29 respectively.
  • After the European Commission blocked the 4 to 3 merger (Hutchison’s acquisition of O2) O2 nearly tripled the gigabyte volume allowances of its SIM-only smartphone plans by launching new tariffs that pack 10 and 25 gigabytes for £18 and £25 respectively
  • Before the blocked merger £25 bought O2 customers 8 gigabytes. Now O2 customers get three times more gigabytes i.e. 25GB by spending £25.
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