Rolling out 5G fibre-through-the-air under the exceptionally strict Swiss EMF radiation limits
December 2019

In December 2019 Sunrise invited Rewheel to try its 5G based home broadband solution in Switzerland. Rewheel had previously provided consulting support for Sunrise in preparation for the 5G spectrum auction that was held in early 2019. After the modelling work and conceptual sessions, we were eager to go back to Switzerland to see how Sunrise’s engineers managed to turn theory into practice.

The aim of this public research note on one hand is to register the early experiences with one of world’s first commercial mass market 5G home broadband deployments, and on the other hand to discuss some interesting practical insights shared by Sunrise’s 5G specialist radio engineers. Earlier, in August 2018 we followed a similar approach (link) with Elisa right after their 5G launch in Finland.

Switzerland currently has one of the strictest precautionary Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation power limits in the world, one hundred times stricter than the typical European limits. This makes the deployment of indoor 3.6 GHz 5G coverage from the existing macro cell site grid a challenging radio engineering task. This was one of the main angles that we wanted to explore in our field mission and this report.
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