Competitiveness of Czech mobile data prices – April versus September 2019
October 2019
The Czech government commissioned Rewheel to review the state of competitiveness of Czech smartphone mobile data tariffs, ahead of the upcoming 5G-centric spectrum auction where a frequency package is to be reserved for a new, 4th entrant mobile operator.

The Czech mobile market has been consistently ranked as one of the most expensive markets in EU28 & OECD. The recently launched 4G smartphone plans - some of which include unlimited data volume - did not significantly improve the overall competitiveness of the Czech mobile market.
  • The latest 4G smartphone plans launched by the three Czech mobile operators during August and September 2019 have only marginally improved the price competitiveness of the Czech mobile market.
  • During September 2019 Czech consumers could buy at most 1 gigabyte when they spent 20 EUR (~513 CZK) and at most 4 gigabytes when they spent 30 EUR (~770 CZK) per month.
  • Back in April 2019 the mass market affordable 20 and 30 EUR monthly budgets bought in Czechia at most 0.5 and 3 gigabytes respectively.
  • Consumers in Czechia must double their average retail mobile communication spending of 500 CZK per month to over 1,000 CZK in order to subscribe to the new unlimited data volume 4G smartphone plans. Is that a reasonable expectation?
  • The recent introduction of 4G smartphone plans with unlimited data volume that cost 1,099 CZK (~43 EUR) or more per month did not significantly improve the overall price competitiveness of the Czech mobile market and consequently the welfare of Czech consumers.

NOTE: In the version published on the website of the Czech Industry of Trade and Industry (link) there was a typo in the country median gigabyte price chart’s black explanatory box that showed Czechia incorrectly ranked as 24/41 in September 2019. Czechia’s actual ranking during September 2019, shown in that chart was 25/41.
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